SGS Logistics was established in 2015 with an unwavering commitment to deliver outstanding service in the area of contract cartage, permanent vehicle hire and distribution services across Australia.

SGS Logistics has over 100 full time contractors across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia performing dedicated runs for our client base. We have the scope and network to cover any contract distribution requirements Australia-wide.


With over 40 years of direct industry experience across Chain of Responsibility Management, Solution Design, Operational Management, and Strategic Account Management, SGS Logistics appreciate the key factors in customers receiving an exceptional service experience whilst safely improving efficiency and cost competitiveness.

It’s remarkable how many carriers ignore these key factors, or won’t invest the resources into ensuring they are done well. Most often it’s the same link in the chain that falters, particularly with a dedicated external fleet.

And once again you are let down.

Most carriers deliver the same underwhelming experience and service outcomes, using using well honed sales techniques, gimmicks, ‘bells and whistles’, and tenacious and assertive sales staff to desperately retain and gain market share from each other.

It’s exhausting really.

A never-ending vicious circle of bigger promises, for less cost; the drivers bearing the brunt of continuous pricing competitiveness in a ‘growth at all cost’ driven industry.

Hope we haven’t made you depressed.

But what if you took those margins reserved for areas that have limited impact, and instead invested them back into better quality drivers and sub-contractors, with sustainable earnings and conditions?

What if you created a better staff-to-driver management ratio, where you have the opportunity to take the time to screen, recruit, and train a driver most suited to the services required and provide the means for ongoing training and support.

And what if you took the extensive professional experience of a group of transport professionals, and encouraged them to proactively review operations and requirements? Allow them to find improvements and efficiencies in not only cost, but areas such as the customer service experience that actually do add value.

If that sounds relatively simple and logical, that’s because it is.

We know. We were surprised no one else was doing it too.

If you have dedicated vehicles as part of your metropolitan distribution requirements, contact SGS Logistics for an obligation-free review.