At SGS Logistics we are committed to putting our extensive skills and experience towards providing an outstanding customer service experience for our clients. We feel the best way to do that is to specifically focus on a particular area of the transport and logistics space that we believe highlights our strengths and then utilise those strengths to be the best in that space. With that in mind, SGS Logistics focuses solely on Contract Logistics and Permanent Vehicle placement across Australia.

Over the years we at SGS have helped thousands of organisations that require dedicated driver solutions. The key area that stood out was how important the customer service aspect was to a dedicated delivery service and yet how little time was spent focussing on this. This lead to the belief that a company dedicated to this specialty was required and SGS was formed. Without the distractions of other logistics services such as ad hoc couriers and taxi trucks, warehousing, parcel deliveries and linehaul, SGS can focus on the core task of providing outstanding dedicated drivers who you are proud to consider as extensions to your own business.

Through the provision of permanent vehicle solutions, SGS can deliver:


Experienced drivers with excellent customer service skills


Full transparency and improved fleet management


Reduced driver turnover and training costs


Peace of mind with full compliance


Designed to provide the information important to you


Transport specialists creating specific task-related documents and processes

If you have dedicated vehicles as part of your metropolitan distribution requirements, contact SGS Logistics for an obligation-free review.


A: Absolutely. It is strong evidence of the value a transport company and their customers place on the people who directly represent both stakeholders at the coal face. However it’s not enough. Drivers also need to be treated with the utmost respect. Not just in every interaction, but in how you value their time. For example, if a mistake has been made with a driver’s pay, that mistake should be rectified immediately as an absolute priority. A “we’ll get to it when we get a chance” attitude is not acceptable and does not respect a driver’s time and livelihood. In addition, drivers need to be rewarded for good work. Whilst a reward can be material and we believe in incentivising our drivers, often it’s just ensuring you acknowledge a job well done. Finally, drivers need to be included in the discussion as the key stakeholders they are. This means including them in discussions on topics such as productivity improvement opportunities, the setting of targets, customer service, etc and then empowering them to implement what has been agreed.